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The new Leeze Boom Board Pro with Bionic Flow

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Experience the probably most efficient and comfortable indoor workout ever with Leeze Boom products! Perfectly customized to your needs, so you can train longer and more intense. Individually adjustable and compatible with almost all popular smart trainers!

Leeze Boom Balance Board Leeze Boom Counterweight for asymmetric trainers Leeze Boom Dots DIY kit - Different variants DIY Kit for Smart Bikes

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Rocker Plate. Leeze Boom Board. Rocker Plate Zwift. Rockerplate
Rocker Plate. Leeze Boom Board. Rocker Plate Zwift. Rockerplate
Make your indoor training more realistic and effective!

The Leeze Boom Board provides you with a more natural riding experience during indoor training through lateral inclination. The position of the integrated compression springs allows you to adjust the inclination of the Leeze Boom Board quickly and easily to your personal needs. Your bike also benefits from the Leeze Boom Board through reduced force on the bike frame. Due to the absorbing effect of the Leeze Boom Board vibrations are not directly transmitted to the ground, which leads to a quieter soundscape.


Bye seating problems

The Leeze Boom Board's horizontal movement activates your cycling-specific core muscles, allowing you to train longer and more intensely. In addition, the pressure on the saddle is proven to be better distributed, which reduces sitting discomfort.

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    The most popular Smart Trainers are compatible with all our different Leeze Boom Boards. Whether you choose to train with trainers like the Wahoo Kickr Core, Tacx Neo 2T, Elite Suito, Tacx Flux, or Wahoo Kickr v5, or compete with smart bikes like the Wahoo Kickr Bike or Stages Bike SB 20, there is almost always a Leeze Boom Board that will enhance your indoor training. However, the new Leeze Boom Board Pro offers the greatest compatibility with its 2-Point-Tension System!