Leeze Boom Board mini
Leeze Boom Board mini
Leeze Boom Board mini
Leeze Boom Board mini
Leeze Boom Board mini
Leeze Boom Board mini
Leeze Boom Board mini
Leeze Boom Board mini
Leeze Boom Board mini
Leeze Boom Board mini
Leeze Boom Board mini
Leeze Boom Board mini
Leeze Boom Board mini
Leeze Boom Board mini
Leeze Boom Board mini
Leeze Boom Board mini
Leeze Boom Board mini
Leeze Boom Board mini
Leeze Boom Board mini

Leeze Boom Board mini

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Number of Compression Springs
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Only remaining stocks (B-goods) of the Leeze Boom Board mini are still available. 

The Boom Board is fully functional and only has minor optical defects (see product images for examples of defects).

In stock and immediately available! Free shipping within Germany!

Dynamic, realistic riding experience just like on the road - The lateral tilt allows you to train on your bike for a long time in comfort
Small format simplifies storage and transportation
Noise insulation for quieter, more pleasant indoor training
Proven compression springs for stepless adjustment of the lateral inclination and greater safety (no bursting balls!)
Reliable spring action - once set, no more readjustment necessary
Easy to set up in approx. 5-10 minutes
Can be extended with an additional pair of compression springs (recommended for riders weighing over 90 kg)
Can be combined with Leeze Boom Desk, Leeze Boom Counterweight and Leeze Impregnation
Excellent Made in Germany quality with non-slip surface and high water and sweat resistance

Particularly suitable for athletes...

... who want to store their Boom Board discreetly
... who want to transport their Boom Board easily
... who want to protect their family and neighbors from noise
... who want to make their indoor training more comfortable and effective
... who love cycling - and want to experience a great indoor riding experience.

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  • Delivery includes
    1x Leeze Boom Board Mini
    2x (optional 4) optimized compression springs
    6x metal-rubber buffers
    4x mounting straps
    12x countersunk screws (M10x20)
    10x felt glides
  • Dimensions
    Board: 875 mm x 700 mm x 75 mm
    Riser: 300 mm x 345 mm x 75 mm
  • Maximum system weight: 180kg (rider+bike+smarttrainer/bike)
  • Combinable with
  • Dare2Ride Fuego
  • Elite Direto
  • Elite Drivo
  • Elite Justo
  • Elite Suito + Suito t
  • Elite Tuo
  • Elite Turno
  • Jet Black Volt
  • Saris H3
  • Tacx Neo + Neo 2T
  • Tacx Flux + Flux 2 + S Smart
  • Tacx Flow/ Vortex
  • Wahoo Kickr
  • Wahoo Kickr Core
  • Wahoo Kickr Snap
  • Xplova Nova S
  • Zwift Hub Smarttrainer
  • Zycle ZDrive
  • Zycle ZPRO
  • Is your trainer not listed? No problem - send us an email to info@boomboard.de and we will check if the Boom Board Mini is suitable for you!
  • For the use of asymmetrical trainers (e.g. Wahoo Kickr v5/Core) we recommend the use of the Leeze Boom counterweight.
  • The Leeze Boom Board mini Rocker Plate is an innovative accessory that has revolutionised indoor cycling. The advanced platform allows the bike to move sideways, similar to riding outdoors, creating a more realistic riding experience. It helps to strengthen the upper body and improves balance and stability during training. Rocker plates, such as the Leeze Boom Board mini, also offer the advantage of reduced noise and give indoor training an authentic road experience.
  • Since the Leeze Boom Board is a product made of natural wood, minor color differences among the components and tears at edges and milled areas may occur. The resulting optical differences are typical for the material, have no influence on the function and are therefore no reason for return.
  • The compression springs are customized for the Leeze Boom Board.
  • The compression springs are characterized by a much higher durability compared to balls, which are often used for rocker plates. This ensures that there is no risk that burst balls will end your training session or your ZWIFT race. Once you have adjusted the compression springs to your individual preferences, you can start rocking without having to adjust the air pressure before every ride.

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Don't take our word for it


Indoor training is a must for me. Since I've had my children, I don't have as much time to train. The roller training on the Leeze Boom Board is a real gamechanger so I can prepare myself for the coming season to support my teammates.

Sascha J.



Bought to reduce the load on the carbon frame, convinced of the riding experience. Never again without the Boom Board!

Ulrich B.



My wife says "Finally silence" - so the Board Lite delivered exactly what I bought it for!

Christoph A.



With the Leeze Boom Board I can ride longer indoor sessions again without discomfort! Never again without!

Anika L.



The Board mini is one of the main reasons that I discovered joy in riding a roller trainer again, highly recommended!

Jonas K.