Boom FAQ


You can find the differences between the various Leeze Boom Boards here.

Yes, you can test the Leeze Boom Boards at the Leeze Bikestore in Havixbeck, or via the rental model from Paceheads.

Basically, the counterweight is only needed for asymmetrical Smart Trainers in combination with the Leeze Boom Board Pro and mini. Whether the counterweight is really necessary for you requires your personal assessment. If, for example, you have an unround or uneven feeling without the counterweight, then we recommend the counterweight. However, you can also help yourself with weight plates or similar at a reasonable price.

No, since it is only required for asymmetric smart trainers.

The Wahoo Kickr Bike fits perfectly on the Leeze Boom Board Pro. The Peloton Bike and the Stages Bike are compatible with the Leeze Boom Bone. Currently, there is no solution from us for the Tacx Neo Bike.



Two springs represent the basic setting. For riders weighing 90kg or more, we recommend the use of four springs for a comfortable ride. Also, if a rather harder riding experience is desired, or the system weight by, for example, the Wahoo Kickr Bike is very high, four springs are recommended.

There are extra marked and numbered spaces in the ribbing of the board for the additional springs. You can also look at the following Anleitung ansehen.

Yes, the springs are tight enough braced between the plates, so they do not jump out or the like. It may be that slight abrasions become visible in the material, but these are in no way detrimental to the functionality of the Leeze Boom Board.

The fixation caps are only intended for the springs in the guide. These are put on top of the springs and can be fixed at the selected position with the expanding rivets. This gives you an additional security that the springs do not move, even under extreme loading or unloading. At the other positions for the springs, the caps are not necessary.

Leeze Boom Board mini

Two springs represent the basic setting. For a rider weight of 90kg and above, we recommend the use of four springs for a comfortable ride.

Because of the design of the Leeze Boom Board mini, we advise against using the Wahoo Kickr Bike or the Wahoo Kickr Climb with it. Here the Leeze Boom Board Pro is the better choice, also due to the resulting system weight.


Leeze Boom Board lite

We recommend the Leeze Boom Board Pro and the Leeze Boom Board mini for such use. With these boards, the Smart Trainer is attached accordingly, which means that nothing can slip or tip over. This is not guaranteed with the Leeze Boom Board lite, as the focus here is on noise reduction.