Leeze Boom Board Pro
Leeze Boom Board Pro
Leeze Boom Board Pro
Leeze Boom Board Pro
Leeze Boom Board Pro
Leeze Boom Board Pro
Leeze Boom Board Pro
Leeze Boom Board Pro
Leeze Boom Board Pro
Leeze Boom Board Pro
Leeze Boom Board Pro
Leeze Boom Board Pro

Leeze Boom Board Pro

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Discover a new dimension of indoor cycling with the Leeze Boom Board Pro and its ground-breaking rocker plate technology. The clever combination of innovative technology and timeless design makes the Bionic Flow an unrivalled experience for your indoor cycling. The rocker plate allows the bike to move naturally sideways, authentically simulating outdoor riding dynamics for an immersive training session. Experience maximum comfort and innovative features with the Leeze Boom Board Pro - the ideal choice for anyone who wants to take their indoor cycling to a new level!

Riding experience

  • Bionic Flow - The unique material properties in combination with the proven lateral spring action enable a dynamic riding experience like on the road.

Customizisbility & Compatibility

  • Lateral inclination: Continuously variable due to the adjustable compression springs

  • (Smart) Trainer: Attachment of any (smart) trainer and most smart bikes, due to interchangeable Leeze Boom Dots

Mechanism & Technology

  • Optimized compression springs instead of balls for more comfort and safety

  • Unique attachment mechanism for your trainer due to Two-Point-Tension Technology

Material & Sustainability

  • The Boom Board Pro is made of 100% recycled polypropylene with fiberglass reinforcement, which has a double positive impact on the environment. On the one hand, resources are preserved by not adding new fossil raw materials to the cycle. On the other hand, plastic waste is removed from the waste stream that would otherwise end up in landfills or in the ocean.

  • The eco-balance of recycled polypropylene is thus better than that of screen printing plates made of wood!

  • Steel springs (no squeaking)

  • Easy to clean and durable

  • Surface with very high water and sweat resistance


  • Modern and timeless design

  • Customizable with Leeze Boom Dots in eight colors (black, white, yellow, blue, red, green, orange and pink)

Noise insulation

  • Damping via compression springs, rubber buffers and EPDM dampers


  • Easy to split and then stow away

Compatible with popular indoor cycling equipment:

Smart Trainer: Dare2Ride Fuego, Elite Direto, Drivo, Justo, Suito, Suito T, Tuo, Turno, Qubo Fluid, Jet Black Volt, Saris H3, Tacx Neo, Neo 2T, Flux, Flux 2, S Smart, Flow, Vortex, TrueKinetix TrueTrainer, Van Rysel In'Ride D100, D500, D900, Wahoo Kickr, Kickr Core, Kickr Snap, Kickr move, Kickr bike, Kickr Climb, Xplova Nova S, Zwift Hub Smarttrainer + Zwift Hub One, Zycle ZDrive, ZPRO

  • For the use of asymmetric trainers (e.g. Wahoo Kickr v5/Core) we recommend the use of the Leeze Boom counterweight

    Wahoo Kickr Bike (we recommend two extra springs)

    Accesories e.g.: 

  • Wahoo Kickr Climb
  • Elite Sterzo

  • Scope of delivery:

    1x Leeze Boom Board Pro, 7x Leeze Boom Dots (black), 4x Optimized compression springs, 2x spring caps, 6x expanding rivets, 5x rubber buffers, 5x mounting straps, 14x countersunk screws (10x small, 4x large), 4x nuts, 14x EPDM dampers

    Matching accessories

    • Leeze Boom Desk

    • Leeze Boom Dots

    • Leeze Boom Counterweight

    • EPDM damper

    Maximum system weight: 180kg (Ride + Bike + Smarttrainer/-bike

    The Leeze Boom Board Pro Rocker Plate is an innovative accessory that has revolutionised indoor cycling. The advanced Rocker Plate allows the bike to move sideways, similar to riding outdoors, creating a more realistic riding experience. It helps to strengthen the upper body and improves balance and stability during training. Rocker plates, such as the Leeze Boom Board Pro, also offer the advantage of reduced noise and give indoor training an authentic road experience.

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    Don't take our word for it


    Indoor training is a must for me. Since I've had my children, I don't have as much time to train. The roller training on the Leeze Boom Board is a real gamechanger so I can prepare myself for the coming season to support my teammates.

    Sascha J.



    Bought to reduce the load on the carbon frame, convinced of the riding experience. Never again without the Boom Board!

    Ulrich B.



    My wife says "Finally silence" - so the Board Lite delivered exactly what I bought it for!

    Christoph A.



    With the Leeze Boom Board I can ride longer indoor sessions again without discomfort! Never again without!

    Anika L.



    The Board mini is one of the main reasons that I discovered joy in riding a roller trainer again, highly recommended!

    Jonas K.