Boom Story

Being passionate cyclists, we know the benefits of indoor cycling, but also its challenges - such as monotony and seat discomfort. Drawing from our years of experience in cycling, our mission is to make our community's indoor cycling experience more enjoyable and realistic with innovative products! All that at a fair price!

Focusing on this mission, in 2020 we developed the first version of the Leeze Boom Board with the innovative compression spring mechanism that allows the suspension to be adjusted according to your individual needs. A corresponding utility model has been registered. In addition to the subjective perception of our test riders, we also considered the results of saddle pressure measurements to objectify the benefits of the Leeze Boom Board.

After the overwhelming feedback on the first version of the Leeze Boom Board, we have been working intensively on further improving the board since spring 2021. In this process, Professor Eric Helter conducted FEM simulation analyses to optimally adapt the material of the Leeze Boom Board to the forces associated with indoor cycling. This was the foundation for the development of the Leeze Boom Board Pro, which is made of 100% recycled polypropylene with glass fiber reinforcement. This material offers optimized riding characteristics and has a double positive effect on the environment. On the one hand, resources are preserved by not adding new fossil raw materials to the cycle. On the other hand, plastic waste is removed from the waste stream that would otherwise end up in landfills or in the ocean.

Leeze Boom Board Pro FEM Analyse

Beyond the Boom Board Pro, we offer the Boom Board mini and the Boom Board Lite as well as the Boom Desk and compatible accessories for the right indoor cycling set-up for everyone. Following the principle that "the heroes of summer are made in winter", we will continue to work ambitiously on your indoor cycling experience in the future.


Your Leeze Boom Crew

Frank Decker, Florian Otterpohl (both founders of Leeze GmbH), Christoph Rahmann (digitization expert), Dr. Daniel Westmattelmann (former time trial specialist) and Lukas Biermann (e-commerce expert).

Leeze Boom Community


Wöchentlicher Zwift Ride, jeden Mittwoch um 19 Uhr (Oktober-März)! Der Link zum Ride wird immer rechtzeitig im Zwift Club und auf den sozialen Medien @leezeboom angekündigt