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Leeze Boom Board Pro - Pre-order starts 1 December 2021

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The Leeze Boom Board Pro combines innovative technologies with modern timeless design - The Bionic Flow makes indoor cycling an experience!

Ride experience

· Bionic Flow - The unique material characteristics in combination with the proven lateral spring action allow a dynamic riding experience like on the road

Customizability & Compatibility

· Lateral inclination: Stepless due to the adjustable compression springs

· (Smart) Trainer: Attaches to any (smart) trainer and most smart bikes due to removable and interchangeable Leeze Boom Dots

Mechanism & Technology

· Optimized compression springs instead of balls for more comfort and safety

· Unique attachment mechanism for your trainer due to Two-Point-Tension Technology

Material & Sustainability

· The Boom Board Pro is made of 100% recycled polypropylene, which has a two-fold positive impact on the environment. On the one hand, resources are preserved by not adding new fossil raw materials to the cycle. On the other hand, plastic waste is removed from the waste stream that would otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean.

· Steel springs

· Easy to clean and durable

· Non-slip surface with very high water and sweat resistance


· Modern and timeless design

· Customizable with Leeze Boom Dots in eight colors (black, white, yellow, blue, red, green, orange and pink)

Noise reduction

· Damping via compression springs, rubber bumpers and EPDM dampers


· Easy to divide and then stow away

Delivery includes

1x Leeze Boom Board Pro

4x optimized compression springs

2x spring caps

6x expanding rivets

5x rubber buffers

5x mounting straps

14x countersunk screws (10x small, 4x large)

4x screw nuts

14x EPDM dampers

7x Leeze Boom Dots (black)

Compatible equipment (extension and combination)

· Leeze Boom Desk

· Leeze Boom Dots

· Leeze Boom Counterweight

· EPDM dampers


length: 155,5 cm

width: 85,5 cm

Height: 10 cm

Weight: 17,5 kg