Boom Board Comparison

The Leeze Boom Board Pro combines innovative technologies with modern timeless design - The Bionic Flow, which makes indoor cycling an experience!

The Leeze Boom Board Mini takes your indoor training to the next level - The dynamic riding experience in a compact format!

The Leeze Boom Board Lite increases comfort and lowers noise during indoor workouts - The entry-level Boom Board that makes a difference!

Pro Mini Lite
Riding Characteristics
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Noise Reduction
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Customizability & Compatibility
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329,90€ from 229,90€ 99,90€

Leeze Boom Board Pro

· Riding characteristics: Bionic Flow - The unique material properties combined with the proven lateral spring action allow for a dynamic organic riding experience like on the road.

· Noise reduction: Damping via the compression springs, construction, rubber bumpers and EPDM mats

· Customizability & Compatibility: Lateral tilt - Variably adjustable due to adjustable compression springs; (Smart) Trainer - Attaches to any (smart) trainer and most smart bikes, using interchangeable Leeze Boom Dots; Design - Limitless possibilities, using interchangeable Leeze Boom Dots in eight colors

· Price: 329,90€

Leeze Boom Board Mini

· Riding characteristics: Dynamic Flow - Optimized use of materials and the lateral inclination allow for a particularly dynamic riding experience and intensive training sessions on your bike

· Noise reduction: Damping via the compression springs, rubber buffers and EPDM mats

· Customizability & Compatibility: Lateral inclination - infinitely variable due to the adjustable compression springs; (Smart) trainers - attachment of most (Smart) trainers due to optimized milled slots

· Price: from 229,90€

Leeze Boom Board Lite

· Ride characteristics: Comfort Flow - The flexible PE foam provides a balanced and comfortable ride, making every indoor workout more enjoyable and quieter

· Noise reduction: Extra strong damping due to the soft material and additional EPDM pads

· Customizability & Compatibility: (Smart-)Trainer - Stand for every (Smart-)Trainer

· Price: 99,90€

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