Leeze Boom Board

Leeze Boom Counterweight for asymmetric trainers

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The Leeze Boom counterweight is optimized for the compensation of asymmetrical trainers on the Leeze Boom Board. Depending on the positioning of the counterweight, the asymmetry of all common smarttrainers (e.g. Wahoo Kickr v5 or Core) can be compensated.


We recommend to assemble the Leeze Boom Board first without compression springs respectively to remove the springs. Then fix the Smarttrainer and the bike on the Leeze Boom Board. You can then attach the Leeze Boom counterweight in the grooves of the Leeze Boom Board with the supplied screw. By moving the counterweight, you can align the Leeze Boom Board exactly horizontally. Finally, insert the springs into the Leeze Boom Board and start your next ride!

The Leeze Boom counterweight is not an industrial product but is handmade, which may result in optical and haptic differences.

Package contents:

- Leeze Boom Counterweight

- Screw for fixing


- 3.85 kg

- 9.8 cm diameter

- 6.5 cm high