Leeze Boom Board

Leeze Boom Board

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Lateral inclinations give you a road-like riding experience

Optimized weight distribution - Less pressure peaks

More efficient training due to less fatigue and stronger activation of the cycling specific core muscles

The compression springs are specifically designed for the Boom Board and can be easily and progressively adjusted

If you want to set the inclination to extremely low, we recommend the version with 4 compression springs. Alternatively, you can upgrade the compression spring set later (we recommend 4 springs for body weights of 90kg and above)

High resistance to water and sweat

Non-slip surface

Reduces stress on your bike and especially your frame

Made in Germany

5-10 minutes setup time

Manual see Stop Motion Video

For the use of asymmetrical trainers (e.g. Wahoo Kickr v5/Core) we recommend the use of the Leeze Boom counterweight.


160 x 90 x 8 cm

weight: 21 kg

Delivery includes:

Leeze Boom Board

5x metal-rubber buffer

16x countersunk screws small

10x countersunk screws large

2x or 4x compression springs (depending on the version)

6x cable ties to fix your Smarttrainer

10x felt gliders

Compatible with common indoor cycling equipment:

Wahoo Kickr

Wahoo Kickr Core

Wahoo Kickr Snap

Tacx Neo + Neo 2T

Tacx Flux +  Flux 2

Wahoo Kickr Climb

Saris H3

Elite Drivo

Elite Turno

Elite Direto

Elite Suito + Suito t


Wahoo Kickr Bike

Accessories e.g..:

Wahoo Kickr Climb

Elite Sterzo

Since the Leeze Boom Board is a product made of natural wood, minor color differences among the components and tears at edges and milled areas may occur. The resulting optical differences are typical for the material, have no influence on the function and are therefore no reason for return.

The compression springs are customized for the Leeze Boom Board.

The compression springs are characterized by a much higher durability compared to balls, which are often used for rocker plates. This ensures that there is no risk that burst balls will end your training session or your ZWIFT race. Once you have adjusted the compression springs to your individual preferences, you can start rocking without having to adjust the air pressure before every ride.